The NFFL Comissioner-A. J. Venegoni II


A.J. Venegoni

Founder and President of the NFFL Since 2013

NFFL Commissioner-2013-23

Owner and GM of The Dallas Cowboys

Won PNMB Championship in 2015, 2017, 2018, with Rams Teams 


Hello and WELCOME to my Network Fantasy Football League (NFFL). My name is Angelo Venegoni I was born in 1955 in St. Louis Mo on The Hill (an Italian Community). I worked for the US Postal Service for 18 1/2 years, and worked for over 30 years of my life, I am now retired. I have been participating in fantasy leagues for decades. I eat sleep football 24/7. I am very passionate about football. I co-owned and started my first Hockey Fantasy League back in the 1980, it was called DHL. It was started with co-workers in a factory. I won it all once but finished second multible times, that lasted for me until 1995. I was in a Baseball Fantasy League for 2 years. Then I was in a Fantasy Football League at the Post office where I worked, winning it all my first year, that lasted 3 years. Then in 2005 I started another Fantasy Hockey League, called the Metropolitan Hockey League winning that my first year also, that lasted only two years . So I started another fantasy league, in 2013 I started a Fantasy Football League, this is a league that will feature 8 new teams to compete against each other for  a Championship Ring (your to keep) and The Bob Saffo Championship Trophy. The league will have 4 teams from each conference, NFC and AFC, it will be a fun league and an arm chair league where all you have to do is watch your players perform week after week. Good luck to all members...



                     NFFL Board Of Directors

They work to honor the NFFL’s rich traditions and position the Fantasy League for long-term success





   Steve Severino- Executive Vice President Of NFFL Operations/ Baltimore Ravens Owner

                                                    (Since in 2020)

Steve is responsible for the successful leadership  and management of the NFFL according to the strategic set by the NFFL Commissioner. Steve holds a broad range of responsibilities for the NFFL fantasy League, including game analytics, accountability, integrity of the league, development and growth, and policies and procedures relating to NFFL. Steve has a lifetime of fantasy football knowledge to ensure that all NFFL operations are in compliance with policy, process and rules. 



  Andrew G Venegoni- Senior Vice President of NFFL Operations/Jacksonville Jaguars Owner 

                                                         (Since 2013)


Andrew As Senior Vice President of Football Operations Policy and Compliance, Andrew brings a wealth of fantasy football experience at the team and league level to the NFFL. Andrew is responsible for driving NFFL Fantasy Operations initiatives, facilitating communication and management of the day-to-day operations, and assisting in building relationships with NFFL league Owners.



     Kathy M Venegoni- NFFL/Development Manager/Finance/Green Bay Packers Owner

                                                          (Since 2013)

Kathy's job is to identify new Membership opportunities to join. And to let the Commissioner know of new Members. New ways to reach existing members, or new product or service offerings to better meet the needs of existing Members and the league. She also does cold calling, and is responding to incoming leads on new Members wanting to join our league. She is also head of the Finance Department and is in charge of collecting the Leagues Fee.



                        George A Venegoni-NFFL President, Game Operations

                                                        ( Since 2020 ) 


Venegoni works closely with all 8 clubs to protect the equity and integrity of the game through policy management, education and compliance. His responsibilities include monitoring preparations for all team and NFFL needs, such as building facilities, field, coaches’ booths, video locations, locker rooms, football technology and more. Venegoni is the main point of contact in the Game Day Operations Center where all games are being monitored. He advises Senior Owners from league and the NFFL on all gameday operations.

Venegoni oversees participating team operations for the Championship game, which includes identifying practice sites, team headquarter hotels, spillover hotels, team logistics and stadium operations on gameday.



          Donald Trump-NFFL Real estate/Head of Building New Stadiums For Owners 

                                                     (Since 2018)

Mr Trump's, job is in charge and leading Owners who want to move to another City, and finace, and find the best real estate property and location for the Owners to build a state of the art Stadium on. Mr Trump also will help finace any Owner who wants to relocate.





                    Commissioner's Corner

 May 15, 2013





I came up with the idea to have my League different then the others leagues because in the other Fantasy Leagues you have to put in a starting line up every game. In this league once you have your team you don't have to do anything but watch your team and players points. The idea came from when I was in a Fantasy Hockey league that Me and a friend started in the 1980's and kind of run it in that format.



                                                    ON OUR 1ST SEASON


First I would like to thank our 6 League Owners who participated in our 1st ever season, we had a very successful year. Both of our Divisions (NFC/AFC) had close races for 1st and for playoff spots. You Owners did a great job for your first time.


Second, I would like to congratulate Owner Kathy Venegoni of the Green Bay Packers for winning the Championship Ring this past year. And for winning 4 other trophys. She did a great job in all fazes of running a team.


Third, Welcome to our two new members this 2014 season, Steve Severino and Jim Glore




                               ON ADDING TWO NEW OWNERS (EXPANSION)


Expanding our League Members from 6 to 8 Owners in 2015 was the right move. The NFL now I feel has enough GOOD players at Quarterback, Running Back and Tightends. So expanding in 2015 was a good idea. The NFFL will not expand no more then 8 teams.

It now has 3 teams from each conference (NFC/AFC) making the playoffs and now also adding more money for Owners to make during the season and the playoffs.




                                                ON DRAFTING PLAYERS


The way our draft goes in our league, is the team that finishes last in their Division will always go first in every round, position by position, so it might not be such a bad thing if your team finishes last, because you can get the best players available to draft and take 1st at those positions the following year.


The reason I made it a rule to draft by positions (QB,RB,WR,TE,K,DTEL,LB,CB,FS) was because NONE of us follow NFL football and all players stats that closely, so I thought it was easier to pick by position to have you concentrait on those positions players to draft one at a time. I recommend you buy Fantasy Football magazines or NFL Football magazines to help you see who to draft.



                                                ON OUR LEAGUE RULES


And lot of you Owners think the League rules are to complicated and too many to understand, but I am always here to go over the rules with you if you have any questions (314-954-8422)


The reason for so many rules and why so many in detail is because I have been in Fantasy Leagues before where all of us Members fought over picking up players and just doing things like putting players in any position or that because it wasn't a rule, did what they wanted . So I tried to make our rules in detail so everyone would know the rules  before they joined and before it caused fights and Members quitting during the year. Bottom line is if you have a questions on the rules just call me I will be happy to go over them with you.



                                      ON SENDING E-MAILS TO MEMBERS


I send out e-mails during the year on league news, injuries, asking if you want to make a player change,players getting suspended, and so on. I also send out choices on the best players available at that position to help you pick those choices or pick your own. I do the updated standings once a week. I also do the points after all games Sunday,Monday,and Thursday games. I do Sundays games stats on Monday and Tuesdays, so all updates will be done by Wednesday of that week. 



                                          ON PICKING UP FREE AGENTS


I tried to make it easy for our Owners to keep getting the best players they can have on their roster during the year by making it after 2 games, 5 games and 7 games you can drop a player that is not doing good and pick up a better player. But after the 7th game no more pickups or drops, or replacing injured players. The free agent pickups go by the the team with the lowest amount of points in their Division get to pick first and 2nd lowest next and so on.




                               ON LOSING PLAYERS WITH NFL FREE AGENCY


Every March teams in the NFL don't sign some players either because they can't afford to pay them or they just don't want them so they end up on other teams. And some times the Team that signs them is in the other Conference(NFC/AFC). So that is why you lose some players on your team



                                     ON WHY WE HAVE "HOME TEAM" TEAMS


I thought it was a good idea to have members pick a NFL team and have those players on the NFL team be ONLY your players to have and that no other team can take your players. Plus it's easier for me to go to those teams for point totals first.




                                           ON MOVING YOUR "HOME TEAM"


In our 1st season it was easy to pick which team you wanted to have for your "HOME TEAM"  team because nobody had any players on any team yet. So I made a rule that you had to keep your team you picked for for your "HOME TEAM" team for 2 seasons at least before you wanted to move your team. And it is no a gaurantee you will be able to move to that new team you want because now other Owners have players on all teams. And some of you don't want to lose those players that are good that you have.. So that is why I had to make the rule 3 out of 3 votes in your Division to pass. We had that problem last season when I asked if we expanded a New Team to the New York Giants, would you give up your players. And one member had a WR on the Giants and he told me NO WAY was he going to give up his player.






If I had All 6 Owners being able to take players in both NFC and AFC it would take me forever to look up the stats for both divisions all at once. So I have the NFC teams only taking NFC players and the AFC teams taking only AFC players. Right now it takes me 3 hours of points to add up after games per Conference. Three hours NFC and three hours AFC. So I do 1 Conference on Mondays and 1 on Tuesday. And by the way that it how it is in the NFL Conferences NFC vs AFC



                                        ON OUR POINT SCORING SYSTEM


I got most of the scoring point system from other Fantasy leagues, I also added a few more ways players can score points. I get all the players game stats fron espn's site, and I will also be getting scoring from rotoworlds site. I use a calulator and re-check my adding up totals.



                                            ON OUR LEAGUES TROPHY'S


Our League has six Trophy's and a Championship ring to hand out after each season. The only thing the winner gets to keep for themself is the Ring. All other Trophy's our League owned, but you get to take the trophy's home with you if you win and keep it until the following years draft. The trophy's are..

Overall Points Winner counting Both Leagues

Lombardi Division 1st place winner -NFC

Brown Division 1st place winner-AFC

NFC Conference Winner(Playoffs)

AFC Conference Winner(Playoffs)

PNMB Championship Trophy Winner-Named after Two long time fantasy friends that have passed away. Pat Nielson and Mike Bitonti



                                              ON THE MONEY WINNERS


                                     $200.00 WINNINGS BREAKDOWN (New in2017)


1st Overall Total Points Winner (NFC and AFC Teams)- $70.00


2nd Overall Total Points Winner (NFC/AFC) Teams)- $10.00


1st Place in Division to each Division winner NFC/AFC- $20.00 a piece and Small Trophy (League Owned, but you keep it till next years winner)


Winning Division Playoff Game (NFC/AFC) and advancing to Conference Championship game-$10.00 each. *(Playoff Game between Teams that finished 2nd and 3rd in their Division)


Winning the Conference Championship Game NFC/AFC-$15.00 a piece  plus Conference Trophy  (Trophy is League Owned, but you keep it till next years winner)


Network Fantasy Football Champion Winner-$30.00 and a Championship Trophy You get for winning the trophy for the 1ST TIME ONLY and a $15.00 Championship Ring (League pays for both, and yours to keep)


* NOTE 1 team Owner can possibly win a total of $145.00 in the season year.

By winning most points overall, ($80.00) finishing 1st place in their Division ($20.00) and a winning the Conference playoff game ($15.00) and winning the Final Championship Game ($30.00)




Image result for hours of operation

MONDAY Thru FRIDAY 8:00am to 6:00pm Closed from 1:00 to 4:00 Weekdays. SATURDAY 6:00am to 12:00pm and SUNDAYS 6:00am to 6:pm closed from 1 to 4 for lunch

                    Contact Information

Cell Phone Number-314-954-8422









 NFFL 2023 Bob Saffo Champion





2023 Angelo Venegoni (DAL)


NFFL Fantasy League News Reporter Andrew Siciliano will be writing the Game result articles each week in 2024





*Home Of The 11 time Baseball World Series Champion



*Home Of The 2019 Hockey Stanley Cup Champion



*And The Defunct 2000 Football Super Bowl Champion




7 out of 8 Owners in our league were born in St Louis City, 


7 Out Of 8 Owners were born in or around.

         "THE HILL" Neighborhood







         NFFL 2024 NEWS...


In 2024 The league will be staying with our FREE AGENT Periods. We will be having ONLY TWO free agent period again in 2024 season, WEEK 3 and WEEK 6.


                  NEW OWNER

The NFFL will be getting a New Owner in 2024 season. New Owner MIKE REDDEN will be taking over the NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS team. Mike is tthe half brother of Owner Andrew and he lived on the "THE HILL" for 6 years.




New Owner Mr Redden would like to move to another location, because he has no ties to the New England area.

Mr Redden would like to move his team to The BUFFALO BILLS 





The NFFL will NOT be operating the Month of FEBRUARY, for Winter Vacation 

And also the Month of MAY, for Spring Vacation.


I will be back sending e-mails And Taking Calls starting on March 1st. and June 1st. Thank You for a great season.





All Players Points are taken from these sites:


NFL fantasy sports depth charts ( 



             NFFL 2021 RULES


DON'T FORGET to go to the rule page to see any changes made in 2022, and also the scoring point system...

Below are the trophy's the league will be handing out. All trophy's will be league owned trophy's, Winners keep the trophy's for a year till the next season winners.

A Championship Trophy and Ring that goes to the winner of the Championship game, will be yours to keep.


*Championship Ring May Change In Color and Style Each Year.




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